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Tips for Determining the Right Enterprise Architect Certification Program

Large numbers of people are using enterprise software since the cost of these products has decreased dramatically in recent years; this has allowed amateurs to use tools that once only professionals had access. While this has its benefits, if an individual does not have the right training, these tools and time could be wasted.

If you enjoy planning, organizing, and implementing processes, a career as an enterprise architect could be right for you. The following steps can help you as you search for the right program to get you proper certification.

Consider Your Motives

Money should not be the motivating factor behind you getting enterprise architect certified. There are easier jobs in the architecture field that pay the same but are more simple and less stressful.

You have to be patient as you get started. You will not likely be an enterprise architect right after graduation. First, you have to do the day-to-day work of an architect. You will start as a modeler, and then your experience will grow as you better understand the work that architects do. One of the main skills architects possess is being open to teamwork.

Determine the Speciality Best for You

One pitfall you want to avoid is trying to learn every specialty related to enterprise architecture; this is likely to limit your creativity as you tackle problems. Instead, focus on learning how to excel in one specific area, like data architecture, business architecture, security architecture, or application architecture.

However, you want to be familiar with the framework of other specialties; this will make you an asset to any firm or organization. When you can work with others who specialize in other fields to at least some extent, people will take you more seriously, and you will be getting closer to being certified.

Build Experience by Doing Practical Work

In order to become a strong enterprise architect, you need to have some experience and practical work under your belt. Start by working as an apprentice to a successful architect. Perhaps work with a few. As you spend many hours throughout the years working with these enterprise architects, it will not be long before you are an expert as well.

Be wary of certificates as opposed to degrees. These will offer a level of credibility, but a Master’s degree is the way to go.

Decide Carefully on Certification

It is good to look at the entire field when determining the certification you want. While courses that last just one week will be instructive. However, you won’t become an architect that quickly.

Two-week programs that lead to certification can give you a good idea if you want to become an EA. It is good to dedicate at least two months to intensive studying to do this; this will allow you to thoroughly understand the industry and have a realistic idea of the hurdles that you will need to overcome as you work in the field.

You can become a leader for your future team by becoming an enterprise architect; this will make the entire team stronger. You will have the training, knowledge, and skills that will lead other architects to turn to you when they need advice.