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2023 is just around the corner, and as the New Year approaches, avid travelers are already planning their adventures for January and beyond. But unless there’s a dream destination that travelers have settled on for years, it can be hard to decide where to go when there are so many fantastic options. Anyone looking to narrow down their selections and choose a destination for 2023 can use these tips to guide them in that process.

10/10 Consider the season

One of the best ways to choose a travel destination is to start by considering what time of year you are traveling. Travelers who have a specific month in which they plan to stop working, such as July or August, can use that as a starting point to narrow down their selection of countries based on desirable destinations during that time of year.

From May to October, many parts of the Northern Hemisphere are warm and dry, while several countries in the Southern Hemisphere experience their rainy season or winter, and vice versa. Be sure to do your research accordingly and make a short list of destinations based on the parts of the world that experience the best weather at the time of year you will be traveling.

9/10 Start with a rough budget

Having a basic travel budget in mind can be helpful when selecting a destination because it helps travelers determine which countries they can enjoy within that price range. For example, while a daily budget of $30 may be realistic in Thailand, it is barely enough to enjoy the local cuisine in parts of Western Europe. Knowing how much they are willing to spend and the length of their trip is an important part of deciding where in the world to go.

8/10 Set your travel priorities

Different destinations offer different benefits and experiences. A traveler needs to know what they like to get out of a trip to decide which country can offer that experience. For example, some travelers look for stunning scenery, photography opportunities, and hiking trails in any country they travel to. For these people, New Zealand, Iceland or Nepal are great options. However, others prefer to travel for the experience of eating local cuisine and immersing themselves in a new culture. In such cases, Thailand, India, Colombia and Hong Kong may be more attractive.

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7/10 Think about how far you are willing to fly

Depending on how much time travelers have to spend on their trip in 2023, they may only be willing to fly a certain distance. People planning a 7-day trip probably don’t want to fly 18 hours across the world to Singapore from the US or Canada, while someone with a 2-3 week vacation won’t mind a longer flight. Consider destinations closer to home for shorter trips to maximize time on the ground rather than in the air.

6/10 Weigh the pros and cons of Old vs. New

Something travelers should consider when selecting a destination for 2023 is the appeal of visiting a new country versus revisiting an old favorite. Some people love to return to the same place annually, like Puerto Vallarta or Rome, while others seek new experiences at every opportunity. Travelers must ask themselves whether they are looking for the comfort of a familiar destination or whether they are looking to step into the unknown and wipe another country off their map. The answer to this question can significantly narrow down your destination options.

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Looking at current travel trends can help you decide where to go in 2023 for a couple of reasons. When it becomes obvious through Google Destination Insights or Instagram Influencers’ posts that seemingly everyone is flocking to a certain country at a certain time of year, it’s important to look at why that is. Maybe there’s a special event or festival going on that’s worth going there for now rather than postponing the trip to that destination for another time.

For travelers who prefer isolated experiences that take them off the beaten path, looking at travel trends can help them decide where not to go. Avoid following the crowds of social media influencers and content creators by forging a unique path to a lesser-known but equally exciting place.

4/10 Monitor flight prices months in advance

Once travelers have a few destinations and a time of year in mind, they can use apps like Hopper, Skyscanner or FareDrop to monitor a particular route. They simply enter their ideal departure airport and the airports they want to travel to, select dates (and if they’re flexible) and set up a flight monitor. This way, they will receive notifications when flight prices go up or down, allowing them to book at the optimal time.

Tracking flight prices to two destinations can be the deciding factor in determining where to go when one place drops significantly in price and the other doesn’t.

3/10 Find out if friends or family have travel plans

When travelers aren’t sure where to go, it can be helpful to know if close friends or family members have travel plans that are open to someone else joining them. In many cases, the opportunity to travel with loved ones is the answer to the question “why now?” for any destination. When there are so many destinations to choose from, knowing that a loved one will be experiencing the country alongside you could be the reason to take this trip in 2023 instead of another one you were considering.

2/10 Research each destination you are considering

With a short list of destinations, take the time to do a little research on all the options. It’s important to know what the culture is like, what the main tourist spots are, whether the food appeals to you or intrigues you, and how many cities or places within a country are of interest. Also, see what vaccinations are required for travel to each location, whether there is enough time before departure to complete them, and how much they cost.

1/10 Check your scrap list

Finally, when in doubt about where to travel in 2023, travelers should take a look at their bucket lists. A bucket list is a clear representation of the destinations and experiences that are most important to a person and can help them prioritize trips that are worth spending money on. If there is a country that has several items on the bucket list (like touring the Colosseum and riding a gondola: Italy!), then this country may be the most satisfying choice for the new year.


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