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A new year is just around the corner, and it’s the perfect time to plan an exciting trip. However, costs can add up quickly. Flights, fuel, event tickets and hotels can easily cut into travelers’ budgets. New Year’s Eve is a particularly expensive time to travel. Fortunately, the new year can be fun and affordable with the right travel strategies. You don’t have to break the bank to have a memorable and unique celebration this year. Try these 10 tips for traveling on the cheap for New Year’s Eve.

10/10 Party With the People

Paying for a party at a hotel can be very expensive. Overnight lodging and a typical New Year’s Eve celebration at a hotel can easily cost hundreds of dollars. Fortunately, many cities in the United States have public New Year’s Eve celebrations or generally have a party atmosphere where it’s easy to join the party without paying a hefty entrance fee. New York City’s Time Square is an iconic place to ring in the New Year, as is Miami Beach. What could be more fun (and lighter on the wallet) than partying with a few thousand new friends?

9/10 Travel with a group to save money

Group tours are a good idea for budget-conscious travelers. Sharing a hotel room and requesting an extra bed in the room is always cheaper than renting a separate room. On some hotel reservations, guests can select one or two beds in the room for a small additional charge and even request “roll away” cribs to accommodate additional guests. However, it’s important to read the fine print, as most hotels have occupancy limits that must be met and/or charge an ever-increasing fee with each additional guest that checks in.

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8/10 Book accommodation with a kitchen or free breakfast

The right amenities in the right stay can be a real money saver for New Year’s travel. Travelers should stay in accommodations that offer kitchens or cooking facilities to save money on eating out, especially in expensive cities like Los Angeles, where restaurant bills add up quickly. Travelers can simply find the nearest grocery store and stock up on quick, easy-to-prepare meals for the duration of their trip. Sure, dining out is fun, but does that takeout pizza after a night of partying really need to be gourmet quality? Savvy travelers just pop a frozen pizza into the oven in their hotel kitchen and save on a restaurant experience that might not be memorable anyway.

7/10 Pack Light

The holidays are a busy travel season, and getting from point A to point B can be frustrating and expensive. Lost luggage and baggage fees can put a damper on budgets and severely impact the travel experience. Plan ahead to avoid unnecessary fees. Professional travelers skip checked bags and travel light, packing the essentials and combining clothing items that can be used to make multiple outfits, then relying on local laundromats at the destination. There are tons of packing tips available online, and travelers would do well to learn the basics to join the #teamcarryon.

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6/10 Throw a party at the destination house

Correct. There’s no reason a house party can’t be held somewhere other than the host’s personal home. Traveling to host a house party or booking a hotel suite in another city and splitting the costs with friends are two cost-saving ways to celebrate the New Year in an intimate setting. Favors from local party supply stores can make the night more fun with poppers, noisemakers, balloons and glitter. The options for themes and things to do at a house party are limitless. Some accommodations don’t allow gatherings or have limitations on how many people can use the space, so it’s important to know the house rules when planning a fun New Year’s Eve party.

5/10 Stay in a hostel

During New Year’s Eve, most hotels fill up quickly, and those with parties planned often reserve blocks of rooms for ticket holders. Needless to say, prices peak in party hotspots and budget-conscious travelers can get paid quickly. Fortunately, hostels are a fun, affordable and unique option in many cities around the world, from high-end hostels in New York to cozy rooms in Paris. Plus, hostels have perks that are ideal for New Year’s travel. It’s easy to make new friends from all over the world, the price is affordable and it’s easy to book a bunk bed with multiple beds for your travel group.

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4/10 Celebrate off the beaten path

While most travelers head to the big cities and resorts to welcome the new year, savvy budget travelers head to lesser-known places for fresh and unique experiences. Not only are prices lower in off-season destinations, but the crowds tend to be much smaller as well. Choosing where to go is part of the adventure. Search engines that offer a travel-anywhere feature can help narrow down the cheapest destinations.

3/10 Book holiday parties and events in advance

There are many ways to ring in the New Year, but there’s something exciting and glamorous about dancing the night away in a hotel ballroom or counting down at a concert. For party-goers busy booking a party for the New Year, it’s a good idea to reserve your ticket as early as possible. Most parties offer an advance fee that is heavily discounted from the door price. Planning and booking in advance is also a smart way to save on flights. Budget travelers should book well in advance for their activities to take advantage of special and discounted rates.

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2/10 Eat local (and late) to save money

In the early hours of January 1st, hungry revelers take to the streets in search of late-night or early-morning meals. Savvy travelers save money by choosing local restaurants over expensive New Year’s brunches. Champagne may not be on the menu at these locations, but diners have a great chance to try local favorites, like po’boy sandwiches in New Orleans and Latin flavors in Miami. Fortunately, diners are practically an American institution, and many are open 24 hours. Wherever travelers wander into the New Year, local restaurants and late-night diners are a delicious and affordable part of the experience.

1/10 Take public transport to experience the city like a local

Knowing about local transportation options is one way savvy travelers save on New Year’s travel. Knowing the transport system and mapping out routes in advance should also inform your accommodation booking options for the best possible savings. For example, a cheap room on the other side of town from where the celebrations are held may not be so cheap if you take into account the costs of travel to and from it. In fact, a more expensive stay closer to the action could be cheaper because travel costs would be much lower or non-existent. While ridesharing or renting a car may be more convenient, saving money and seeing the city on public transportation is pretty hard to beat for a local experience. A solid plan for the most economical, safe and reliable transportation on New Year’s Eve is essential for the travel budget to help manage the costs.


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