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When we think of Android flagship smartphones, Oppo is not the name that comes to mind first but it makes good flagships. Its latest release Find X5 Pro 5G is the best example of what the company is capable of. It is powered by Qualcomm’s Snap 8 Gen 1 processor and features a camera setup developed by Hasselblad.

In this article, we will show you the 11 first things you should do with the Oppo Find X5 Pro. This list will help you get started with your brand new phone with all the cool features working right away.

Open the App Drawer

Oppo Find X5 Pro runs custom Android skin ColorOS. It means that not everything will be a familiar experience if you are coming from stock Android or some kind of Android skin. One difference is in the app drawer which is disabled by default. All applications on the phone are found on the home screen, similar to how it is on Apple’s iOS.

You can get the app drawer by visiting Settings > Home screen & lock screen > Home screen mode > Drawer mode. This way, you can start using your new smartphone with the app drawer and without many home screens.

App Lock

We use all kinds of applications on our smartphones and we don’t want others to access them. This is where app lock comes into the picture. It restricts access to apps when you give your phone to someone else. You can lock all types of apps using a feature, such as social media, messaging, work, or banking.

You can open app lock by visiting Settings > Privacy > App Lock. You will need to set up the biometric authentication option if you don’t have it already. Next, select the apps you want the app lock to close.

Capture in RAW

Oppo smartphones are known for their camera capabilities and the new Find X5 Pro is no different. It is packed with features that can help you click photos like a professional. One such feature is support for capturing images in RAW. It is a lossless file that captures uncompressed data from the camera sensor. These images need to be post-processed to get the results desired and preferred by advanced photographers.

If you want to click in RAW on Find X5 Pro, just launch the camera app and visit its settings. Find the one Format Set here and choose RAW from the available options and that’s it.

Protect it with a case

Oppo Find X5 Pro is a great phone that costs a lot (about $1000). It means that you are better protected with a good case if you want to avoid paying more money on the repair costs. Oppo legal cases are usually the first choice but they may be too expensive for some buyers which is why you should look at third parties Find X5 Pro status online and offline . Here are some we recommend:

Shoot 4K 60fps videos

Find X5 Pro camera is not only about clicking good pictures but also about shooting high quality videos. It supports shooting videos in 4K at 60 frames per second but it is a poor performance by default. This is because even a 3-minute 4K 60fps video file can take up space in GBs and you will end up running out of your phone’s storage space quickly.

Whenever you feel like shooting in 4K, open the camera app and visit Video > resolution > 4K and Video > Menu > Frame rate > 60 Enables 4K video recording at 60fps.

Click 50MP image

Oppo has packed the Find X5 Pro’s camera setup with a 50-megapixel sensor. However, clicking a 50MP shot means ending up with images that take up a lot of space. This is why it is another camera option that Oppo has turned off by default. It can be activated by opening the camera app, tapping the photo option, and choosing the 50MP option in the top right corner.

Change font style and size

When you will finish installing Find X5 Pro, you will be greeted by the default font style and size. This works perfectly for the majority of users but some want to modify it according to their preferences or needs. The good thing is that Oppo lets you do that naturally and it only takes a few minutes.

Go see Settings > Display and brightness > Font Choose your favorite font style. As for the font size, you should look for the Font Size setting after viewing the display and lighting.

Dark mode

Like every other smartphone, the Find X5 Pro comes with a light mode out of the box. People who prefer dark mode on their phones and applications can do so by setting it up. You must visit Settings > Display and brightness > Dark mode and turn on the toggle.

Screen Color Temperature

The Find X5 Pro has the equivalent of a gold screen out of the box. It means it is not too warm (yellow tint) or too cold (blue tint). But if you want your phone’s display to be on the warmer or cooler side, you can make changes through the settings. Just visiting Settings > Display and Brightness > Screen Color Temperature and select your favorite options: Cool, Default, and Warm.

Always on display

Oppo’s Find X5 Pro comes with Always-on display functionality which is beneficial in more ways than one. It allows you to check important details such as time and date as well as notifications without having to wake up the screen every time. Oppo lets you customize many of these functions to better suit your needs and preferences.

Go see Settings > Personalization > Normal display to get the relevant settings. The first toggle is to enable and disable the function. You can choose whether you want it to be on all the time or at a set time. There are also many types of AOD to choose from.


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