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The interior and cabin layout doesn’t deviate much and everything looks and even feels the same. The straightforward dashboard follows the same gray and black theme and the only visual enhancements are gloss black accents on the dash, steering wheel, and door pads as well as faux wood inserts on the center console area. Moreover, the full touchscreen nine-inch unit is larger than the previous system. However, with the lack of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity, users only have traditional options like AUX, Bluetooth, and USB support – again with ports awkwardly placed under the dashboard’s sprawling layout. Hard to get.

Front row seats.

Talking about the seats, the front ones are large, supportive and offer a high and great commanding position. In addition, you have excellent visibility with a large area of ​​glass in front that allows you to see even the edge of the bonnet. However, on the downside, accessing the center console storage space and operating the aircon controls on the go is a bit of a pain due to their limited space.

Center console/center console storage

Continuing down the run, the beige fabric upholstery becomes a dirt magnet and requires frequent cleaning. While the roof-mounted sunglass holder and glove box are decently sized, we would have appreciated more storage space around the cabin. Even the door pockets miss out on bottle holders, instead, it gets two irregularly shaped square cup holders on the center console and a rubber pad to hold a mobile phone.

Second row seats.

Now, with the introduction of the Scorpio Classic, Mahindra is offering two seating layouts for the seven-seater version. The former gets the captain’s seats in the second row and the front in the third row. The latter, which is what we have here, gets the usual bench seats in the middle and side seats at the rear. One can literally walk into the second row (albeit after climbing the side step) and once seated, there is plenty of room. The seats are also well-cushioned and offer decent under-thigh support. Then, the SUV’s boxy shape ensures loads of headroom and seating for three will be a comfortable affair. There are one-litre bottle holders on the doors and the center space under the air-con vent can be used for small knick-knacks.

Third row seats

Now, the only way to access the side seats in the third row is through the tailgate, which we found quite convenient. Although they can be folded down to free up more luggage space, seating for two here is not only a squeeze but unsafe due to the absence of seat belts.

In terms of safety, the Scorpio Classic limits itself to the basics, such as dual front airbags, ABS, panic break indicators, and rear parking sensors with guiding camera. However, surprisingly the auto headlamps and rain-sensing wipers have been dropped from the mix.


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