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For one

Headquarters: New York

CEO: Henley Vázquez

Website: Out

Foundation date: 2021

Investment: $18.5 million

Fora is a new type of travel agency, with a modern, technological and inclusive approach. Built for the next generation of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs, Fora enables anyone with a passion for travel to achieve flexible income booking travel, with specialized training and marketing tools, an intuitive technology platform and a global community hub. By overhauling the industry’s pain points and removing barriers to entry, we’re redefining and revitalizing the travel agency industry, one incredible journey at a time.

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Strategic goals for 2023

Henley: Currently, we have over 600 advisors and 35,000 and counting on our waiting list. Looking ahead to 2023, we are focused on welcoming hundreds (and thousands!) of new advisors and training them at scale. We recently launched our new community-first training program, Fora cohorts, where new advisors develop as a group with a strong support network. We will continue to expand our world-class curriculum and professional development to equip our advisors with everything they need to succeed.

Jake: Travel agents have been left behind in the online booking revolution. We’re putting the power and technology back into human hands to compete with travel-backed credit cards and OTAs like Booking.com. In 2023, we continue to create technology to make the work of our advisors as seamless as possible. Advisors can say goodbye to manual and cumbersome processes and say hello to refined technology and education options, including booking tools, client management tools, payments and vendor information.

Evan: Travel is experiencing one of the fastest growing periods in history. Coupled with a booming, creator-centric, community-driven economy, Fora is uniquely positioned to empower a new generation of entrepreneurs from all walks of life. And our inclusive model proves that travel can be for anyone and everyone. Looking ahead to 2023, we will double down on our consumer education and debunk many of the misconceptions associated with the advisor industry. Our work will demonstrate the value and importance of working with a travel advisor, so everyone knows it’s the best way to travel (better than OTAs, Amex and beyond).

Lessons learned since its foundation

We strongly believe that being a travel advisor is the best job out there. But, before Fora, career prospects were beyond the reach of many. One of the most significant learnings so far has been the strong interest from people who were new to or unfamiliar with the industry. Ninety-seven percent of Fora Advisors have never sold travel before, and are now professionals. With Fora as the main axis, we come together to shake up the industry.

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