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On top of all these issues, I still see a reason to take THAR out for a spin.

BHPian the rain master Recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Dear All,

Bought my THAR (LX HT AT D Mystic copper) on 3rd June 2022 from Suresh Auto Bangalore after 10 months of waiting.

Was looking for a unique color and thanks to 84.monsoon for his various photos of Thar which helped me to finalize the mystical copper color.

Covered 5300 km so far and in this post I will focus on some of the issues I am facing and need your expert advice.

Problem #1: Humming noise from behind.

  • This noise starts at 40 kmph and becomes more audible at 80+ kmph.
  • After several test drives by the folks at Suresh Auto Service Center, they narrowed it down to a differential unit.
  • They took the differential unit apart and identified some marks in the bearings that could be causing this humming noise (not sure and no reason given how this could happen in a brand new vehicle).
  • They agreed to replace the entire differential unit under warranty because the vehicle had very low mileage and they didn’t want to take a chance by just replacing the bearings.
  • Received the part and left my car at the service center today (October 10). Will keep you posted as the unit changes.
  • If anyone else is facing this issue please let me know

Problem #2: Driver’s side floor heating

  • Read about this problem in the forum. The service center people showed me that in the manual version the bottom heat insulation is provided, while it is not provided in the AT version.
  • Not sure why and it’s causing the heat to build up while driving at slow speeds and in traffic conditions.
  • But this phenomenon is very random, sometimes it occurs in bumper-to-bumper traffic conditions in Bangalore and has also been experienced during highway drives and at hill stations.
  • I have no custom underbody protection cover and my AC knob is always in the cool position.

Problem #3: Bluetooth and Android auto connection

  • Think this is a common problem. Sometimes the screen goes blank when connecting to Android Auto.
  • Usually, I turn the car off and restart and it engages. Has the problem been fixed in newer versions of the software updates?

Problem #4: Neck pain while driving

  • I get neck pain within 15 to 20 minutes of driving. I have never had this problem driving my Renault Duster for 9 to 10 hours in a single day.
  • Tried different seat positions/height adjustments but couldn’t find a solution.

Other observations:

  1. The Ecosense option is not enabled: according to the service center it is only applicable to the manual version.
  2. Even after the key is removed, the USD port power supply is still on.
  3. The sound of the back door slamming
  4. Some parts of the steering wheel started discolouring/fading.

On top of all these issues, I still see a reason to take THAR out for a spin. I love the high seating position, the smoothness of the AT gearbox and the ease of driving in Bangalore traffic and the attention the car gives.

Some pictures of my Thar.

Check out BHPian’s comments for more insight and information.


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