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Love beyond borders

Last month, it was widely reported that a 78-year-old man in the Philippines married an 18-year-old girl.

Septuagenarian Rashad Mangakop, who is a retired farmer, married teenager Halima Abdullah after first meeting her at a dinner party in Cagayan province when he was just 15 years old. Apparently, Rashed had never married or had a lover. The two spent three “happy years” together before tying the knot in an Islamic ceremony on August 25.

The unusual relationship with an age difference of 60 years received the consent of both families.

Now, another love story of a man and a woman from two countries and with a big age difference has captivated netizens.

An 83-year-old Polish woman traveled from her country to marry her 28-year-old boyfriend in Pakistan, according to a Daily Pakistan report.

The woman, identified as Broma, came to Hafizabad to marry Hafiz Muhammad Nadeem, who is an auto mechanic by profession.

Nadeem told Daily Pakistan that he first spoke to Brome six years ago. The interaction sparked a friendship that eventually blossomed into love. They had never met in person before marrying in a traditional ceremony

Broma wore a traditional red dress and had henna on her hands for the ceremony. Daily Pakistan reported that she also paid Haq Mehar, a mandatory payment according to Islamic law and customs.

Nadeem’s relatives revealed that she was supposed to marry her cousin before finalizing her wedding with Broma.

Stories of two people from surprisingly different cultures or with a huge age difference coming together for love are constantly popping up on social media. But some stories are fascinating enough to attract the attention of media around the world.

In October, a woman moved 14,400 kilometers from her home to marry a Maasai tribe 30 years her junior.

Deborah Babu, now 60, said she “couldn’t be happier” despite being criticized for her relationship with a younger man. She met Saitoty Babu while traveling to Tanzania with her daughter in October 2017.


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