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At the end of the month-long exercise, 84,812 candidates out of 1,17,846 were allotted seats in the Tamil Nadu Board of Engineering (TNEA) counseling process under the one-stop counseling process.

The commission has asked the candidates to apply for supplementary counselling, and the deadline expired on Sunday evening. Observers of engineering education say that more than 50,000 seats will remain vacant this year as well. It is not only the private colleges in remote locations that are unable to fill the posts, but also the government engineering colleges.

Only 12 faculties filled all the places, including three self-financing ones, while 236 managed to fill 50% of the places. Likewise, as many as 13 institutes did not fill a single position.

University colleges in Villupuram, Arni, Tindivanam and even Kancheepuram, a district bordering Chennai and close to industry, also faced rejection. These colleges performed comparatively better last year. The number of vacancies is also high in the branches of the circuit. A slightly lower number were admitted according to the preferential quota of state school students, 89.02%.

The faculties that fill the seats in the first two rounds do so because of their quality, said PS Srinivasan, an engineering educationist. “Because we do well in placement, we get a large number of applicants,” he said. If the faculties managed to fill as much as 70% of the allowed enrollment, they would be labeled as a good institution, say academics.

Aswin Ramaswamy, a career counseling expert and analyst, pointed out that it also depends on how much the student has been exposed to while studying. “Students attend engineering courses for exposure and placement. The academic performance of affiliated colleges of Anna University is lower while private colleges are doing better. Performance is directly proportional to ranking,” he said. According to him, it would help Anna University to set up a training and placement wing in each college to train students in basic problem solving and coding.


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