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HAMBURG, Germany, November 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Germans’ interest in flying to the soccer World Cup in Qatar is increasing Number of flights booked from Germany to Qatar in September it was about 900 percent higher than the January figure. This means that interest among German fans is still behind some other starting markets, but Germany it currently ranks 12th with a share of 2.6 percent of total World Cup tourists.

The data comes from travel marketing company Sojern, which records the booking behavior of travelers around the world. According to the analyzes carried out by Sojern, the largest number of tourists from the World Cup are from the locals United Arab Emirates (17 percent), followed by the United States (7 percent), India (7 percent) and United Kingdom (6 percent). The majority (51 percent) of German World Cup fans are flying Qatar from Frankfurt. This departure airport is followed by Munich (19 percent), berlin (14 percent) and Düsseldorf (8 percent). The cities of Hannover e Stuttgart recently they have also shown strong growth in this regard.

Mathias GerberSales Director Sojern DACH: “In an international comparison, Germany it currently ranks 12th among departure markets for travel Qatar. Global global demand for travel to the middle east is high and exceeded the figures of 2019. It will be interesting to see if it travels to Qatar and the surrounding GCC countries of Germany will continue to be popular after the tournament and into 2023.”

About Sojern:
Sojern is the digital marketing platform for the tourism industry. Using artificial intelligence and a wealth of knowledge about users’ travel intentions, Sojern offers multi-channel marketing solutions for direct sales. More than 10,000 hotels, attractions, destinations and travel providers use Sojern solutions to attract travelers from around the world.

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