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In a shocking incident, a 35-year-old woman and her twins died during childbirth at her house after she was denied treatment at Tumakuru District Hospital on Wednesday night.

The woman, a native of Tamil Nadu, moved to Tumakuru a month ago. She lived in Bharatinagar along with her six-year-old daughter. The woman went into labor on Wednesday evening and managed to get to the hospital with the help of her neighbor Sarojamma.

I was asked to go to Victoria

However, at the hospital, she was asked to show her Aadhaar card and Thayi (Mother) card, which she did not have. According to her neighbours, she was refused admission and asked to go to Victoria Hospital in Bengaluru. Having no money to travel to Bengaluru, she returned to her residence and delivered early in the morning. However, complications arose after the birth of her first child and she bled profusely. Unsupervised, she died along with her babies. Her elder daughter, who saw her in pain, was helpless.

Tumkuru District Surgeon H. Veena, who denied negligence, said the woman was taken to the delivery room. “But the woman refused the examination and returned home,” she said. “However, I submitted a detailed report to the health commissioner. To nurses Yashodi, Divyabharati and Savita and Dr. A discovery notice has been issued to Usha, the obstetrician/gynaecologist on duty,” she said.

Placed under suspension

Tumakuru District Health Officer (DHO) DN Manjunath, who admitted that there were lapses, said he had suspended the three nurses pending an investigation and recommended the suspension of the doctor on duty to the commissioner. “A woman came in labor pains and we should have admitted her without asking for documents. This is gross negligence and action will be taken against those who are guilty,” DHO said. Hindu.

Enraged by the inhumane treatment of the hospital staff, residents of Bharatinagar gherao dr. Veeno and demanded immediate action. “Government hospitals are for the poor. If government hospitals refuse admission, where do we go?” asked Ms. Sarojamma, who accompanied the woman to the hospital.

“The woman initially refused the hospital as she did not have money even to pay for an autorickshaw. I collected the money and took her to the hospital. But the staff there did not entertain her because she had no tickets. When I intervened and asked them to accept her, they asked me to leave and that they know their duties,” Ms. Sarojamma said.

Condemning the tragic incident and those responsible for it, the opposition Janata Dal (S) blamed the hospital authorities and Health and Medical Education Minister K. Sudhakar and demanded his resignation.

“Doctors and nurses who denied the unfortunate woman timely medical assistance should be fired from their jobs. The minister who is a doctor himself should resign immediately with moral responsibility,” party leader and former chief minister HD Kumaraswamy tweeted.


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