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The AAMC PREview™ Professional Readiness Exam assesses examinees’ understanding of effective and ineffective preprofessional behaviors in eight core competencies for medical student entry. This knowledge serves as a foundation for continued learning and development in these competency areas during medical school and is a necessary precursor to effective behavior. When combined with other parts of the medical school application, PREview scores give admissions officers a more complete view of applicants and offer schools an opportunity to broaden the diversity of the pool of applicants invited for interviews.

This resource center provides admissions officers, medical school faculty members, and others serving on admissions committees with information on the design, interpretation, and use of the PREview exam. It includes resources and tools for schools using the PREview exam, as well as findings from nearly a decade of research supporting the use of the PREview exam in medical school admissions.

Applicants planning to apply to a participating medical school should visit aamc.org/preview for more information on the 2022 administration of the PREview exam, including a list of participating schools, applicant requirements, registration information, FAQs, and more.


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