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Boston College Law School has introduced a new Early Decision admissions program to provide a quick review, with a special emphasis on BC Law being the applicant’s first choice.

“We are excited to introduce our Early Decision program as a new milestone for both prospective students and the law school itself,” said Shawn McShay, associate dean for graduate enrollment management. “It provides opportunities and greater certainty for those who apply to BC Law and choose the incoming class as their first choice if accepted.”

Early decision is different from early action. The latter is a means for prospective students to apply for and receive an admissions decision before a school’s regular response date, according to the National Association for College Admissions Counseling. No string is included.

On the other hand, an early decision is binding. At BC Law, this means submitting an application by November 1st, receiving a decision by December 15th and, if selected, securing consent to attend BC Law with a $1,000 non-refundable deposit by December 20th. Unlike Early Action, these applicants may not be considered for any other law school’s binding decision programs. However, this means that all applicants who are not accepted into the program will be exempt from the law school’s early decision obligation, and some may still be referred by the law school to its regular decision process.

Shawn McShay, Associate Dean. Photographed by Caitlin Cunningham for Boston College.

BC Law also offers three scholarship and financial aid options to Early Decision applicants, which are described on the law school website along with other program details.

“At BC Law, we have a very special community,” McShay said. “We seek candidates who embody the values ​​of this community and who will thrive both in our program and as leaders in the profession upon graduation. Early decision is about finding the right match – both for the applicants and for the law school.”


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