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Starting Saturday, admission to Remai Modern will be by donation at all open days following a financial gift from the Frank and Ellen Remai Foundation.

The $10 million donation will allow the museum of contemporary art to offer admission by donation for the next 20 years, Remai Modern said.

“We have a jewel in our city, we should all wear it with great pride, I know I am extremely proud,” said Ellen Remai. “My gift – admission to the museum with a donation – reaffirms my attitude and my long-term commitment to Remai Modern.”

After receiving feedback from hundreds of people and organizations, the committee found that there are barriers to visiting Remai Modern, including charging an entrance fee.

“Once the board developed a strategic plan and access became a priority, we started talking about what that might look like for the community and what steps we could take to ensure everyone had equal access to this phenomenal museum,” said Aileen. Burns, Co-CEO and CEO of Remai Modern. “And Ms. Remai came along for the ride in a big way.”

The move follows similar changes to pay-what-you-can models at other galleries across the country, says Johan Lundh, co-managing director and CEO.

“The Art Gallery of Ontario has made it free for under-25s and the Vancouver Art Gallery is moving in that direction as well, so we’re excited to be a part of what seems to be a wave of increased access in Canada, but also globally,” he Lundh told CTV News.

The recommended donation will be $10, but visitors can donate any amount, the museum said in a press release.

The Frank and Ellen Remai Foundation will continue to collect eligible donations and memberships.

Entry will continue to be free for anyone under the age of 18.


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