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In today’s world, brands strive to innovate and come up with new products and designs. While we keep seeing something new in the market every few days, many people copy such products and try to sell them. Among these replicas, you may have seen a copy of the popular brand Adidas with names like “Adibas,” “Adibad” and more. Recently, industrialist Anand Mahindra came across another ridiculous copy of Adidas called “Ajit Das”.

In a post he shared on Twitter a few hours ago, you can see a shoe that features Adidas’ classic three-stripe logo. But instead of the brand name, it says, “Ajit Das”. The caption of the post reads, “Totally logical. It just means that Aadi has a brother called Ajith. Vasudhaiva Kattambakkam?”

Take a look at the tweet here:

Since the post was shared, it has been liked over 7000 times and has many comments. Many thought it was a humorous tweet.

One person in the comment wrote, “Sir, in Kolkata, I once found a shoe with a Nike sole and an Adidas body. It explained the merger of these two companies so that I could buy the shoe.” Another person added, “We used to joke during our college days, Adi and Das two Indian brothers started adidas overseas, and it has its roots in India. Good to see your tweet.” A third person added, “Hahaha best of luck sir. Hope Adidas doesn’t get mad at Ajit Das.”


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