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LONDON, Nov 2 (Reuters) – Russia and North Korea have restarted train travel for the first time since rail travel was cut during the COVID pandemic with an unusually opulent cargo: 30 gray thoroughbred horses.

A freight train carrying the “Orlov Trotter” horses left Russia’s far east via the Khasan-Tumangan crossing, according to the Russian Veterinary Service. He posted a picture of several horses in a train car.

“The animals, 5 stallions and 25 mares, were quarantined in the city of Suzdal in the Vladimir region, and then arrived at the Khasan railway checkpoint in three specially equipped trucks for further shipment to the DPRK,” said the state veterinary service of Russia in a statement. .

The “Orlov Trotter” is the most famous horse in Russia and is known, according to the veterinary service, for its “cheeky trot”.

Russia’s state news agency RIA said it was the first train to North Korea since COVID restrictions were imposed in 2020. It said the drugs would follow on subsequent shipments.

It was not immediately clear why 30 Orlov Trotter thoroughbreds were needed in North Korea.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is an enthusiastic gentleman.

In 2019, North Korean media showed him walking through mountain snow riding a white stallion. Russian customs data show that North Korea has spent thousands of dollars on thoroughbred horses from Russia in previous years.

Reporting by Guy Faulconbridge, Editing by Angus MacSwan

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