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B2B travel payments are getting a makeover with Amadeus’ new spin-off platform, Outpayce.

The travel technology company is turning its existing B2B payments business into its own platform to expand Amadeus’ travel payments business line, according to a press release on Monday (14 November).

Amadeus has also applied for an e-money license to give Outpayce the ability to offer businesses a prepaid virtual card within its B2B wallet platform, which travel agencies can use to pay travel suppliers such as airlines and hotels.

David Doctor, executive vice president of payments at Amadeus and future general manager of Outpayce, is optimistic about the introduction of Outpayce as a B2B travel payments resource.

“Through our e-money license application combined with our investment in talent and technology, we are well positioned to enhance our current service to clients as well as expand the range of services, geographies and clients we serve,” he said in the press release.

The doctor will move into his new role as CEO of Outpayce on January 1.

The importance of the availability of digital payments for B2B travel is reinforced in the findings of a March PYMNTS report, “Payments of the Digital Economy: Digital Payment for Travel and Restaurants.”

This report found that mobile devices are being used more frequently to purchase travel services. Purchases of travel services via mobile devices rose to 48% in January, compared to 44% in December and 43% in November 2021.

By launching this new B2B travel payments platform, Outpayce will tap into the growing demand for a faster digital way for businesses to pay for travel.

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