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The couple went to school and work, but missed their hometown. In 2016 they saw that the population of Bonavista had stopped decreasing and, thanks to tourism, new businesses were opening. They decided they wanted to raise their children where they grew up.

In 2017, the couple started Bonavista Adventure Tours, a tour company that offers hands-on activities such as berry foraging and a traditional Terra Nova beach picnic and bonfire. Jordan said everything they do has to offer a sense of place. “We wanted to do tours that could only happen in Newfoundland.”

Two years later they opened the cafe. With the goal of creating a restaurant that feels like a cozy home, they found regional potters to craft their dishes, sourced food and drink locally, and employed neighborhood musicians to give the restaurant a kitchen party atmosphere.

“Sometimes I pinch myself. I never dreamed we’d go home,” Bonnie said. “I used to hear stories of these peoples when they were alive. So it’s surreal to see people come back, fix up the old houses and decide to stay. They’re full of hope.”

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