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The Internet is one of the most important inventions of the 20th century. It has opened up new avenues of possibilities. Today, almost every aspect of life has been affected by the rise of internet and life has become much easier.

However, in 2022, the number of people suffering from sleep disorders has increased and unfortunately the internet is blamed. There have been several studies that have highlighted the negative effects of the internet on sleep quality.

Prominent industrialist, Anand Mahindra, who is known for offering his insights on current affairs and social media trends, took to his Twitter account to share a hilarious tweet on sleep deprivation. The businessman retweeted a post shared by Eric Solheim, president of the Green Belt and Road Institute.

Solheim shared a photo that appears to be a recipe for someone named ‘Anand’. In the picture, the patient’s name is Anand and the diagnosis is ‘sleep deprivation’. And, it comes up with a hilarious solution to treat the condition. The recommended treatment for the individual is described as ‘throw away your computer and phone’. The document is also signed by the doctor or the person who prescribed it.

Mahindra Boss tweeted that the post seems to be aimed at him. He added that his wife has been prescribing him treatment for years and he does not have a medical degree.

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“Looks like you were tweeting this to me, @ErikSolheim?? Well my wife prescribed this for me a long time ago. And she doesn’t even have a medical degree…” read Mahindra’s tweet.

Mahindra’s tweet received thousands of likes, retweets and comments. Some Twitter users also offered their humorous solutions to the business tycoon. “Submit your idea to make a passenger car and SUV or luxury SUV! The moment you get the idea! Sleep will come automatically! Improve your suspension, electrics and service quality! One user responded “@anandmahindra sir Indian women don’t need a degree to prescribe what they are involved in, they have a cure for every action you take and the reason behind it”.


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