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Ashutosh Rana is a gem of a man who knows the art of painstaking penmanship to bring out difficult poems. And that’s why his poems often go viral on social media platforms. Turns out, Ashutosh has now inspired industrialist Anand Mahindra who shared his poem on his official Twitter handle with an adorable caption.

Anand Mahindra tweeted along with the video, “Innocence of childhood prevents us from appreciating this wonderful time.” The video features Ashutosh Rana reciting a moving poem on childhood, and it is bound to evoke powerful emotions within you. His poem talks about how nostalgic a person becomes about his childhood while feeling lonely or dealing with life’s problems. The clip is taken from the fifteenth episode of Ek Maqbool, a series of Bizham Khas, anchored by Alok Shrivastava.

Watch Ashutosh Rana recite a moving poem on childhood below:

The video was shared a day ago, and has since been viewed more than 1.1 million times, and counting. This share has also received many reactions from people, including Ashutosh Rana himself.

“Thank you very much sir @anandmahindra ji..Pranam for giving me space on your platform to appreciate my work,” Ashutosh Rana tweeted.. “This is absolutely mind blowing. Sometimes I envy people who can create such a chaos of ideas. Thanks for sharing,” one person commented. Commented. “This is beautiful. Got my eyes closed and remembered all the good times I had with my dad…” wrote another with a heart emoticon. “So beautifully written and read…” expressed a third.


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