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Mahindra Group Chairman Anand Mahindra is known for tweeting hilarious tweets with pictures and videos that often divide people. With Anand Mahindra tweeting about The Mahindra Group introducing a rodeo team in the US, an unexpected Photoshop photo trended among his followers. Rodeo is a sport and form of public entertainment in North America in which cowboys perform various skills while riding wild horses.

Mahindra retweeted a short interview clip shared by the Cowboy Channel talking about his debut rodeo team and wrote, “Go get a cowboy… and maybe it’s for 1.4 billion Indians. Introducing the uniquely American sport!”

Following this tweet, a Twitter user asked, “Will we see you driving your Scorpio in a cowboy hat?” Mahindra responded to the user in his typical sporty style and wrote, “ Now there’s an idea… I’ll do that. But I’m sure someone will go ahead and put a cowboy hat look on my picture.” His tweet thread served as a catalyst for Photoshopped pictures of Mahindra wearing a cowboy hat.

We can reasonably conclude that Anand Mahindra knows his fans quite well based on the scenario that unfolded after this tweet. Within a short period of time, Mahindra received several tags including his photoshopped photos wearing a cowboy hat, even with a Scorpio car in the background. In response to the challenge, Mahindra’s Twitter fans flooded the social media platform with pictures of him transformed into his distinctive cowboy accessories.

Take a look at some of the amazing photos shared:

Mahindra commented on some of them and picked his favorite photo from the lot, writing, “But I prefer this one more. And it gave me an idea… Maybe it’s the age and time to try a white beard…”

So, which one do you like the most?

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