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Remember being reprimanded for leaving your room or maybe leaving trash on the table? Maybe, this sweet video of soccer fans from the ongoing 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar will inspire you to live a healthy life and most importantly, touch you with its universal message.

Indian industrialist Anand Mahindra, known for sharing his unique perspective on current affairs, took to his Twitter account to share a thought-provoking video from the ongoing Football World Cup. The short clip shared by the Chairman of Mahindra Group shows the values ​​adopted by the Japanese that can influence the world.

Mahindra said he was not doing it for the cameras, and was happy that his unconditional act was caught on camera. The 67-year-old said his values ​​are worth showing to the world.

“He said he wasn’t doing it for the cameras, but I’m glad the cameras still saw him. The values ​​he’s showing are worthy of a global audience. #WorldcupQatar2022,” Mahindra tweeted. .

The video shows Japanese soccer fans cleaning up the stadium after the match. Interestingly, it was not even his team’s match. After the audience left, Japanese men and women were seen cleaning up. When asked if he was doing it for the cameras, his answer only won the hearts of netizens.

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“We never leave. The Japanese never leave garbage behind us. We respect this place,” said one Japanese woman.

Cleanliness is godliness.

According to Shinto, the indigenous Japanese belief system, cleanliness is godliness. In Shintoism the concept of kigare (impurity or filth) is the opposite of purity. According to the belief, death, illness and even something unpleasant from a distance are seen as examples of kigare. The Japanese are known to perform frequent purification rituals to ward off kigare.

The people of Japan believe that even an individual affected by kigare can affect the whole society. And, this is what motivates people to practice cleanliness. They widely believe that frequent purification will prevent calamities. The Japanese strongly believe in picking up their own garbage.


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