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The 67-year-old entrepreneur is an avid Twitter user. She shared a thank you note to all her followers with a GIF in her own style.

Industrialist Anand Mahindra, a Twitter darling, has crossed 10 million followers on the platform. The 67-year-old billionaire tweets regularly and has a dedicated fan base for his inspirational posts. He thanked his followers for the milestone with a GIF.

A simple scroll through the business tycoon’s Twitter timeline reveals his endearing humility and impeccable wit in his legendary comeback. His viral tweets always have a human interest angle. Here’s a look at some of the funniest and most brutal tweets from Anand Mahindra.

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1. When one of Anand Mahindra’s fans asked him for Thar on his birthday, Mahindra’s response left everyone in tears. It politely declined his request and informed the user of a new word.

2. While the Twitter acquisition saga was at its peak when Elon Musk was trying to get out of the deal, Anand Mahindra shared his thoughts on the drama and cited an Indian train as the CEO of Tesla and Twitter. I joked.

3. When national badminton player Chirag Shetty sneakily inquired about his new car, Mahindra did not miss the opportunity to joke about it.

Chirag wrote, “I recently booked an XUV700. I hope I can get it soon!”

To which Mahindra replied, “By the way, I’ve ordered one for my wife and I’m still in Q.”

4. Known for his brutal responses, Anand Mahindra once shared a rib-tickling response to his wife when she asked him to help her cook.

5. When a picture of the Scorpio car being used instead of zodiac signs was shared, Mahindra jokingly added, “Yes indeed! I see it that way. But when I told the Mahindra Scorpio, it replied: I I don’t believe in astrology. I make my own road!”

6. One of his funniest tweets was a graffiti of former California governor and Austrian-American actor Arnold Schwarzenegger. The art featured Schwarzenegger with text with a desi twist.

7. Anand Mahindra is also known for the interesting and insightful posts he brings to social media from his #whatsappwonderbox. One of his most interesting posts from Wonderbox was a video on NRIs and foreigners. Garba To celebrate Narendra Modi’s victory. Mahindra explains it as reverse colonization and asks where he can get it. Garba Lessons

8. Anand Mahindra shared a funny video of a man making an ‘instant suit’ that can be put on and taken off in seconds for online meetings. The business honcho took it further and said that he will soon send the man a leotard to complete his outfit under his ‘instant suit’.

9. Another viral post featured a picture of a man in a car full of eggs. The man is seen sitting on the spare wheel making sure that no eggs are lost in transit. Mahindra shared its image on the photo and sent a message to its design team to never forget the unique and unexpected customer applications of rear spare wheels used in Mahindra vehicles.

10. Anand Mahindra’s viral posts often share an underlying message or lesson for his followers. One such viral tweet was a photo of a mug that he said he wanted to have because of its unique messaging style.


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