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Disappointed by India’s loss to England in the T20 World Cup semi-final in Australia? Well here is a video shared by Anand Mahindra that will lift your spirits. The entrepreneur recently shared a clip in which you can see a New York taxi driver shouting at all the Indians who are “running the world.”

Mahindra received the message from a friend who met a taxi driver on the streets of New York and decided to post it on Twitter after hearing what he had to say about Indians around the world.

Posting the clip, Mahindra wrote in the caption, “An Indian friend of mine met a cabbie in New York. It’s interesting how a country’s brand changes and expands. And cab driver brands everywhere. (Some consolation for not ‘dominating’ the T20 World Cup!)”

In the video, the cab driver can be heard saying, “Hi guys, just calling you for all the Indians who are running the world now. Hi! Don’t forget the cab drivers in New York. Have a nice day.” passed”.

After being shared on the microblogging site, the clip has garnered over 90k views and over 2k likes.

After watching the video, one user wrote, “Yes sir!!! I agree with you. If people are good then the country will change,” one user wrote.

“We run the Indian world. Google, Microsoft, IBM, Mastercard, Adobe and Twitter too. We are everywhere. They even said we can’t make Land Rover and Jaguar. Now we Also make phones. They said we didn’t invent. Nothing, 0 was invented by Aryabhat in the 5th century,” wrote another.

“Soon we may have Mahindra electric autos in New York and they’ll have to replace the seat,” wrote a third.

“In fact, NYC has a very Mumbai vibe, no wonder he’s so informed and up-to-date on current affairs,” wrote a fourth.


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