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It all started when former UN Environment Executive Director Erik Solheim shared a post on his Twitter handle. He shared a meme of a man named Anand, diagnosed with sleep apnea. And, as a recommended treatment, the doctor suggests that the patient should throw away his computer and mobile phone.

Anand Mahendra retweeted the same and decided to pass a comment as the patient’s name is the same as his. “Looks like you’re tweeting this to me,” he told Solheim. The billionaire businessman added a humorous note to it in his signature comic style. Not even having a medical degree…” he wrote.

One of the users gave examples of a few geniuses who didn’t sleep much. Leonardo da Vinci, Nikola Tesla, Salvador Dali and many other geniuses are said to sleep 1/4 hour a day through a polyphasic sleep system, meaning less sleep at night and a few 20 during the day. -Adding 30 minute sleep breaks. , according to the user. “As a result, we get a few extra days in the week,” the user wrote.

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“Now this tweet will be like Indian wives taunting their husbands while providing it as circumstantial evidence,” another user wrote, “Sir Indian. Women don’t need a degree to prescribe what’s inherent in them, the cure for every problem you have and the cause.”

Some users got in on the fun and responded in good humor. “Sir, please tell us the date and time when you will implement the doctor’s recommendation (throw away your computer and phone). We will stand under your balcony with a blanket to hold the gadgets.” User wrote.

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Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan, who is known to sleep only a few hours a day, once tweeted a funny post about the amount of sleep everyone needs. “The amount of sleep the average person needs is five minutes more.” I hope I get it this morning…

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