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October 19, 2022

Brandon University’s (BU) new director of admissions and awards brings more than 10 years of post-secondary experience to her new position.

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Anna Frey

Anna Frey will oversee the admissions process and the administration of grants and scholarships at BU. Born and raised in Saskatoon, Frey holds a Bachelor of Music degree and an M.S. She has worked in higher education in Ontario for ten years and has called Brandon home since 2018. Prior to her new appointment, she worked in Admissions and Student Services at BU, and was most recently involved in the ongoing process of implementing a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for a dramatic redesign of student records and administrative software of the university.

“I am delighted to have Anna lead our admissions and awards team,” said Andrea McDaniel, university secretary. “Anna has considerable knowledge of admissions and student records and registration. Her work on the new ERP system demonstrates an excellent understanding of systems and processes that will serve us very well. Just as importantly, Anna is dedicated to making her office a place where people feel valued and appreciated.”

Frey says friendliness and quality of service are among her priorities for her new role.

“As a smaller university that thrives on the personalized education we provide, it’s very important that we take the same approach to admissions and awards,” Frey said.

“We are committed to cementing our office as a place that provides warm, professional and efficient service to students, faculty and staff.”

Brandon University is currently accepting applications from domestic students for the winter term of January 2023 and international students for the fall term of September 2023. More information is available at Students.


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