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Jamaica’s Minister of Tourism, Edmund Bartlett, announced a new global initiative to expand and retain the travel and tourism workforce at the World for Travel event in Nimes, called PROJECT TEEM (Travel Employment Expansion Mandate).

The group, led by Jacob Media’s Resilience Council and formed by the Global Travel and Tourism Crisis Management Center, the Energy and Environment Alliance, the World Travel and Tourism Association and the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance.


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The main goal of the new initiative is to increase the annual growth rate of the global travel and tourism workforce to more than 30 percent. It will also focus on mentoring and employment programs and address key issues such as wages, working conditions, empowerment and more.

According to Bartlett, the global travel industry lost more than 44 million workers, who did not return to the industry after the pandemic ended. Many of these lost workers belong to categories such as hospitality, cruise and aviation.

“The tourism sector has to regain its attractiveness for workers and must be subjected to a deep and exhaustive analysis of the factors that gave rise to this situation. Tourism, before the pandemic, was not the best employer and many consider our sector to be low-paid, low-skilled and seasonal, offering little job security and social security,” said Bartlett. “Hence, the need for a new letter to reimagine relations in the labor market, the re-architecture of the social contract between workers and employers in the industry.”

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