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Foldables may be the next frontier in technology, but most of the most refined products in this category still rarely make it out of the Asian market. As a result, western consumers have always missed out on many good foldable phones and often have access to those offered by Samsung. So, Samsung has enjoyed a peaceful stay at the top of the foldable market. Unfortunately, this has led to some controversy on the part of the Korean tech giant. His foldables may be the best, but they are still plagued by a myriad of shortcomings that other manufacturers have solved since then – case in point, the Oppo Search N.

In its second generation (set before the end of 2022), Oppo Find N will address another issue that foldables have a history of difficulty with – weight. According to the important tech leaker Ice Universe, the Oppo Find N2 will be lighter iPhone 14 Pro Max. A tweet that the foldable will weigh “less than 240 grams”.

Hardware-wise, the Find N is one of the most unique foldables money can buy. In many ways, it is vastly superior to Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4, its biggest direct competitor. The Find N folds flat and has eliminated that pesky difference that Samsung users still have to contend with.

In addition, Oppo has managed to make the face of the Find N almost unrecognizable. After four generations of foldable smartphones, Samsung has yet to do the same. Finally, and most importantly, Find N features more useful features than any of the Fold 4.

The cover of the Find N is wider, making it look almost like a smartphone, when folded. Making the device lighter and less bulky will improve this experience even more, adding construction as a 2-in-1 fantasy. This is all the more reason to hope that the Oppo Find N2 will be available worldwide.


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