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Industrialist Anand Mahindra is known for sharing humorous, motivational and thought-provoking posts. The billionaire regularly shares a variety of information in the form of photo posts or video posts with his 9.8 million Twitter fans.

On Thursday, the Mahindra Group chairman was seen making fun of the odd data. He highlighted a Twitter page called ‘World of Statistics’ which claimed that black cars are more prone to road accidents.

According to the World of Statistics Post, black cars have a 47 percent accident risk, followed by gray cars at 11 percent, silver cars at 10 percent, and blue and red cars at 7 percent. respectively

Further, statistics claim that white, yellow, orange and gold colored cars are least likely to crash.

Since the statistics had no validation and were just numbers, Anand Mahindra took to his Twitter handle to highlight a quote from an American author, Mark Twain.

The business tycoon said the statistics reminded him of “lies, damned lies, and statistics,” unclear. This is a phrase that describes the persuasive power of data to bolster weak arguments. He also wrote in Hindi, “Kuch Bhi” which means garbage. .

Netizens reacted to Mahindra’s post, with some agreeing with the manufacturer while others sought a reason behind the statistics.

One user described the statistics as ‘strange’ and added, “How can a certain color of vehicle result in a car accident?”

This is beyond science.

Another user wrote, “There are fewer yellow, gold and orange cars on the road. Maybe that should be taken as a drawback”.

On color visibility, users said the stats may be accurate. “No. Makes sense. Car colors at night are more likely to be weak against bright colors like black white or yellow. Right?”

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