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From November 10 to 19, Under Secretary of State for Economic and Business Affairs Ramin Toloui will travel to San Francisco, Japan, Thailand and Singapore to meet with domestic and foreign business and government partners and discuss ideas for solving shared economic challenges that will expand. economic opportunities for American companies abroad and promote job creation at home.

On November 10-11, Assistant Secretary Toloui will meet with semiconductor industry leaders in San Francisco to explore supply chain issues and opportunities to improve supply chain resilience.

From November 13 to 15 in Tokyo, Under Secretary Toloui will discuss bilateral economic cooperation, including supply chain and semiconductor issues with his Japanese government counterparts and private sector partners.

On November 16-17, Under Secretary Toloui will join the APEC CEO Summit in Bangkok to strengthen economic opportunities and strengthen trade ties in the region. The Under Secretary will highlight the role of the United States as APEC’s host economy throughout 2023, including the upcoming APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting and CEO Summit. You will also exchange ideas with business leaders from APEC economies, about the global economy, future trade and investment, and innovative and scalable ways in which we can build sustainable economies, businesses and societies.

From November 17 to 19, Deputy Secretary Toloui will engage with government and private sector partners in Singapore on supply chain, food security, infrastructure development and semiconductor issues. For more information, contact the Economic Office at [email protected].


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