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AAA travel experts are advising drivers to avoid certain freeways during Thanksgiving travel next week.

Robert Sinclair Jr., Senior Director of Public Affairs, AAA Northeast, says hot spots include the Staten Island Expressway, the Belt Parkway in Brooklyn and the Long Island Expressway, specifically near Queens and from Seaford Oyster Bay to Greenpoint Avenue.

Sinclair says the Staten Island Expressway is going to be 158% busier than usual, which is the highest jump in the entire country for Thanksgiving travel.

He says his best advice is to not go out on Wednesday night, the night before Thanksgiving. “My recommendation has been doing this job for many, many years … instead of going out and trying to fight that Wednesday afternoon traffic where commuters mix with holidaymakers. Go home, sleep well, get up super. early the next morning … Thanksgiving itself.”

AAA expects more than 400,000 members to need roadside assistance, so be on the lookout for drivers or tow truck operators on the side of the road. Move to the far lane if possible and slow down when passing.


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