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In recent years, the world of global travel has been turned upside down: we have all had to deal with the consequences of a global pandemic and global conflicts. These kinds of unforeseen events made simply getting on a plane and leaving for a different destination a little more difficult than usual.

Especially for expats or nomads whose jet-set lifestyles often mean living in different destinations and traveling without restrictions.

Now more than ever, making sure you have the right travel insurance for you is very important for your travels around the world. The fact is that the type of travel insurance that has traditionally been offered does not always fit the non-traditional lifestyle of nomads or expats.

However, in recent years, nomadic insurance, which was developed with both expats and nomads in mind, has taken the market by storm.

This wave of specialist insurance companies has thrown out the rule books and created packages that allow nomads to travel and work worry-free. Here at Digital Nomad World, we’re no strangers to global travel and all the pitfalls it can bring.

Over the past year, we’ve taken a look at some of the best nomad insurance deals out there and picked the best nomad travel and insurance company you should be looking for for all your travel and medical insurance needs while on the road.

Recommended travel and health insurance for nomads

Passport card (

These guys are offering something a little revolutionary in the world of nomad insurance. Gone are the days when you were forced to pay out of pocket for trips to doctors when you were abroad, and then had to spend your time claiming your money back from your insurance company. Instead, PassportCard is simply a Visa card that you use to pay for any medical treatment in advance, without waiting for your insurance company to pay.

Instead of conventional insurance, this is practically a debit card, which means you won’t be limited to the medical providers you use.

The process is extremely simple: if you need help with medical expenses, contact PassportCard; they will load your red card with money and then you only pay for the medical expenses you have to pay.

This isn’t your average expat or nomad insurance, and that’s why it’s probably one of the best deals out there for globetrotters right now. You can even buy it while you’re abroad, customizing your plan to suit your trip and extending or canceling anytime, anywhere in the world. Plans start at $59 per month.

Why did we choose PassportCard as the best Nomad insurance?

With its bold website and colorful design, PassportCard ticks a lot of boxes for those who want an affordable yet comprehensive travel insurance option.

Billing itself as “a global social safety net”, PassportCard offers everything from simple basic insurance coverage to the most comprehensive insurance packages.

This specific insurance for digital nomads gives you coverage for unforeseen injuries or illnesses while you’re abroad, including any hospital stays or doctor visits. It also takes into account travel disruptions such as lost luggage, unplanned overnight stays and emergency evacuation from things like flooding.

The company has been backed by a number of good reviews from digital nomads who have used their flexible policy to make sure their trip goes as smoothly as possible. The easy subscription model is something that ticks a lot of boxes for many looking for nomadic insurance. Just log in and fill out.

Final thoughts on nomad and expat insurance

Although it may be more expensive than other companies, for the money you spend, you get excellent protection from a company that offers reliable service.

The founders of the company are nomads themselves, so you can trust that they know what they need to offer in terms of insurance for digital nomads. These guys don’t just cover digital nomads, but also commuters, remote workers and even expats.

However, PassportCard feels like a much more grown-up option for your nomadic insurance. Along with all the other benefits, they also offer plans for families and couples.

Benefits of opting for PassportCard nomad insurance with this particular company include a secure VPN for checking your bank account, access to airport lounges for late flights and an emergency response team for those events where time is of the essence .

They even offer virtual counseling sessions to keep your mental health in check after spending time alone on the road, something that can really help make your life as an expat or nomad much more comfortable.

To get your travel insurance with PassportCard, see their website here

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