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The university’s student government will offer a safe and affordable way for students to get home for Thanksgiving break with its Buckeye Road Trip program. Credit: Zachary Rilley | Photo editor

Ohio State students looking for an affordable and convenient way to travel home for Thanksgiving can join Buckeye Road Trip, a low-cost bus service funded by the undergraduate student government.

According to the USG website, the program brings students to six cities: Cleveland, Cincinnati, and Toledo, Ohio, as well as Chicago, Pittsburgh, and Philadelphia. Round-trip nonrefundable tickets can be purchased online for $25 for Ohio and Pittsburgh and $65 for Philadelphia and Chicago.

Jack Tumulty, USG’s director of student affairs and a second-year finance major, said there are about 54 seats on each bus.

According to the USG website, the trip to Chicago is full and anyone else who signs up will be put on a waiting list.

USG Chief of Staff Sage Klein, a fourth-year political science and motion picture production major, said the Buckeye Road Trip is one of the most cost-effective transportation options for students and an efficient way to get home during holidays

“A lot of people go home for Thanksgiving to see their families, but not everyone has access to affordable transportation, which can be especially limiting for people in more distant cities,” Klein said.

Tumulty said the buses have “departed at the same time” in recent years, but changes have been made to make the departures more organized.

“This year, to make it a little less hectic, the out-of-state buses will leave an hour before the in-state buses,” Tumulty said.

Tumulty said students will gather at the Ohio Union across from Drinko Hall on Nov. 22. Students must be ready to check out at 5:00 or 6:00 p.m., depending on the city, have ID (which serves as a ticket after reserving a seat online), and medium-sized luggage is allowed. Students will return to campus on Nov. 27, according to the USG website.

Tumulty said each bus has two student ambassadors who receive assistance before the bus leaves and act as a contact for USG if any issues arise during the trip.

Steven Egnaczyk, a third-year computer science and engineering major, said in an email that he used Buckeye Road Trip to travel home to Philadelphia and appreciated the affordable option.

“I definitely recommend it,” Egnaczyk said. “It was so cheap compared to a flight or my parents driving seven hours round trip from Philly.”

Tumulty said traveling during the holidays can be challenging for many, so a convenient option can benefit students across the university.

“It provides a really affordable transportation option at a time when other transportation options are really inflated during the holidays,” Tumulty said.

Students can visit the website for more information or email the Buckeye Road Trip team at [email protected], or call the USG office at 614-292-4380 with questions.


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