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Minister of Health and Well-Being Dr. Christopher Tufton stated that the country is seeing an abnormally high number of hospital admissions of children with respiratory diseases.

Tufton, who was addressing parliamentary colleagues in the House of Representatives on Tuesday, said there had been a more than 400 per cent increase in numbers, moving from four cases a week to 19, related to severe acute respiratory infections (SARI). .

This was filmed between September 25th and October 22nd.

Tufton said this has caused overcrowding at Bustamante Children’s Hospital in Kingston and Spanish City Hospital in St Catherine.

He noted that infections have exceeded the seasonal threshold, with between 19 and 21 admissions occurring each week at six SARI sites in the health regions.

Tufton said the increase in adoption is mainly among children under six months and those between two and four years old.

He said the number of admissions over the past two weeks had been “significantly higher” than usual.

“While Bustamante Children’s Hospital would normally see four SARI cases a week at this time of year, they have seen about 13 children every week for the past few weeks,” he said, noting that the number represented an exponential increase.

The minister said that due to the high volume of COVID-19, the number of admissions was as many as nine per week.

He said the current acceptance rate is 44 percent above the 2021 pandemic numbers.

The minister said that the medical departments in the children’s hospital are 111% over capacity.

He said there were an average of six patients in the hospital’s accident and emergency department waiting to be admitted each night for the condition.

He said the increase in admissions had put a lot of pressure on staff and strained the facility.

In Spanish Town, Tufton said pediatric figures showed there were 35 admissions over the weekend, with an additional 15 children waiting to be admitted to the accident and emergency department.

He said that the occupancy rate in the pediatric department is constantly exceeded.

Admissions increased by 53 percent, with 98 patients in August and 150 in September.

The minister pointed to the international trend of respiratory diseases among children in the region, with a “significant” increase in the US and Canada.

He said that the US in particular has seen an increase in respiratory syncytial virus.

As a result, samples taken from local children were sent to the Caribbean Public Health Agency to be tested for this virus.

They also turned to the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) for help.

“We are quickly dealing with a problem that affects our healthcare facilities,” he said.

Tufton said he has ordered that children 12 and under be treated free of charge at the University Hospital of the West Indies.

The working hours in the mentioned health centers have been extended until 8 p.m. in order to facilitate additional treatment. This is expected to take effect on Thursday.


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