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With a strong dollar, it’s the best time for Americans to plan travel to the UK and EU for 2023, especially when transatlantic travel, in both directions, looks set to be busy next summer.

Americans are booking trips to Europe and the UK

Recent research by Allianz Partners suggests that the strong dollar has fostered a renaissance for overseas holiday travel. After a two-year hiatus, the European Holiday Destination Index 2022 shows London in first place, with 20% more bookings since 2019.

For the UK tourism industry, US bookings are the best since October 2019, before the pandemic hit; for visiting Americans, UK travel is on sale.

Likewise, with the dollar reaching parity with the euro, American tourists are also booking trips to European capitals, particularly Paris, Madrid, Rome and Amsterdam. Portugal is up a staggering 173% over 2019 numbers.

For anyone working in the UK travel industry, this is great news after a difficult few years for travel. The average American spends three times as much as a native Brit on domestic travel in the country. So visiting tourists are more in demand by the travel industry, and with Chinese visitors still not allowed to come (the UK’s second largest inbound market), that leaves Americans, who tend to be the inbound market number one Also, it’s suddenly good news for US travel agents after a two-year pandemic hiatus.

The Queen’s death and the pomp and pageantry that accompanied it were widely credited with giving a boost to British tourism, with panoramic shots of Scotland and London providing the best publicity to showcase Britain’s history, buildings and countryside. Sheela Agarwal, professor of tourism management at Plymouth Business School, said of the funeral: “It’s awful publicity, isn’t it?”, but added: “It’s is advertising”.

It’s something Politico has called a “boom moment for the UK brand” and it’s likely to increase now that King Charles’ coronation and an accompanying holiday for May 2023 have been announced.

UK tourists expected to visit the US in full force in 2023

Likewise, Chris Thompson, CEO of Brand USA, the organization commissioned by the United States government to promote international travel to the US. U.S., is optimistic about cross-Atlantic travel in the opposite direction in 2023. Thompson said “the economic headwinds were no deterrent.” the traveler from the UK, which is indicative of his affinity for the US”

Tourists from the US USA they represent a large part of the American tourism industry; in 2019, the UK was the number three market for US visitors and the fourth highest spender.

Brand USA expects UK visitor numbers in 2023 to exceed 2019 arrivals. Thompson added: ‚Äúsince the re-opening of our borders last November, we have seen an increase in visitors from the UK with 2.5 million visitors in which it’s going to be a year.” (4.4 million British tourists expected in 2023).

However, Thompson was keen to highlight how the nature of travel from the UK to the US could change in the coming months, post-Covid-19. “For example, we’re seeing travel patterns shift to fewer but longer vacations, using loyalty programs and maximizing their dollars through incentives like restaurant weeks, City Passes and off-season travel.”

It is advantageous to book tickets for 2023 EU/UK/EU now

While it may still be eight or nine months before people get on planes to travel to Europe or London, it’s usually best to book international flights well in advance (6-8 months) to get the best deals on those flights. those of the country of destination (outbound flights, trains, etc.).

This means that anyone traveling in the summer of 2023 should at least be well into their research on destination countries and itineraries. Travelers are very unlikely to find deals four months before departure (except if they are last minute).

Also, after a very complicated summer of travel, on top of the war in Ukraine and the energy and cost of living crises, it’s clear that the coming months are likely to bring more turbulence, rather than less.

The key should be for travelers to do their research, book in advance and always, always take out travel insurance against anything that happens.


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