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Light controls are a boon, especially the steering, gearshift and clutch. I’ve driven both the Ecosport and the Scorpio in diesel guise and can vouch for the XUV 300’s clutch, which really makes for easy city driving.

BHPian spr1ngleo Recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I recently bought a pre-owned XUV 300 Diesel W8(O) 2019 Apr model with only 16.8K on ODO. It was a leased car registered to M&M itself and was a pleasure to have. Below are the pros and cons of this new steed along with my questions.


  • Engine – “damn good”, especially between the 1500 to 2500 rpm range. Moves like a bullet.
  • Amount of Features – Steering Direction, TPMS, Steering Comfort, Cruise Control, Sunroof etc.
  • Despite weighing around 1400 kg, this vehicle looks very nimble.
  • The light mainly controls the steering, gear shift and clutch. I rode both Ecosport and Scorpio in diesel avatar and I can vouch for the XUV 300 clutch, which makes city driving really easy.
  • The suspension is superbly tuned, kudos to the Mahindra engineers.
  • NVH/Refinement is on par with Hyundai.


  • The lack of a dead pedal, and then the narrowness of the footwell, makes it difficult to adjust your feet between the clutch and the center console, especially with those oversized sandals.
  • A downer is the lack of under-thigh support in both the front and rear seats. I am spoiled in this department by Ecosport and Scorpio.
  • Beige (rather white) leather seats can be difficult to maintain in the long term – fingers crossed.
  • The lack of telescopic steering adjustment reminds me a lot of the Ecosport.
  • Of course, the ubiquitous complaint of lack of boot space.
  • The bottom/bottom of the engine is pathetic. Especially pronounced in second gear where the engine starts to stall in the absence of throttle input. This is in contrast to the Ecosport where city drivability is superb, the car pulls easily with second gear acceleration without any throttle input. I guess XUV300 is only designed for mid range.

With the aforementioned pitfalls in mind, I present and answer my questions for this August forum:

  • Engine mapping available to increase low-end torque/driveability?
  • Any chance a dead pedal can be installed?
  • Seen under the thigh support as a device, is it any good?

Thanks in advance.

what is here BH Payan Krishna Kumar On this matter had to say:

Man, almost the same pitfalls I felt when I bought my XUV300. Spot on!

But I will tell you that you took the best decision for the 2019 version. Mahindra is constantly deleting and downgrading features, making me jealous of these 2019 BS4 models when I see them on the road.

Regarding low torque, yes it is a problem. There is a garage called Engineering Exponent in Bangalore which is famous for engine remapping. Mod Master comes with Dr. Narine’s personal recommendation.

I spoke to EE and they confirmed that Wolf Moto has a remap available but I haven’t looked into it yet as my car is still new and I don’t want to void the warranty. The XUV300 isn’t really a very popular car (and quite a few in my opinion) so I haven’t found many modern stories on it online. Reach them and it might be worth the long trip to Bangalore.

Read BHPian comments for more insight and information.


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