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Nature is in high demand as Campspot’s second outdoor almanac reveals travelers are finding ways to hit the road more often in 2023 despite economic worries

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., November 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Campspot today released the second issue of the Campspot Outdoor Almanac, revealing that 2023 will be another big year for outdoor travel, even in the face of expected economic pressures. With 2023 camping and outdoor information, key dates and destination spotlights with special content contributions from The Weather Channel and other outdoor brands, the Campspot Outdoor Almanac contains everything travelers need to plan their year more adventurous

“Our data shows that campers are incredibly optimistic about outdoor travel in 2023,” said Campspot CEO. Michael Scheinman. “Despite, or even because of, the current economic uncertainty, both current and new, younger campers are eager to take even more trips next year to experience the unique benefits that nature has to offer. means to keep costs down to as others step up. Regardless of the reason, Campspot is committed to making the outdoors more accessible and booking a camping trip easier than ever.”

Campspot research, which used internal data and a customer survey, found that travelers are more eager than ever to explore the outdoors, with 69% citing trips to new camping locations as their top travel goal for 2023 .

Additional key findings from the Winter/Spring 2023 issue of Campspot Outdoor Almanac include:

Campers spend less while experiencing more

While other travelers may be tightening their belts and cutting back next year, campers are finding ways to experience the thrill of travel even more often, for less. Today, more than half (53%) of campers said their budget per trip is lower $500. In addition to avoiding more expensive and traditional travel options, 35% of campers are also looking for destinations closer to home as a cost-saving measure, with most limiting flights, with only 7% of campers having flown for a trip in the past three years . . Instead, road trips are the best option for maximizing exploration in 2023, with most covering an average of 1,223 miles, as well as low-cost activities such as stargazing, ice fishing and camp cooking.

Millennials and Gen Z are embracing VR

Campspot reports a new trend as younger travelers switch the RV from recreational vehicle to remote work vehicle. Between WFH, unlimited PTO, and easy access to Wi-Fi, Gen Z and millennials are adding new meaning to remote work by embracing the flexibility that VR travel can provide: 25% of travelers ages 18-34 have taken an RV trip in the past year, up seven percentage points from the previous year, and 47% of younger travelers are looking forward to taking an RV trip in the next 12 months, according to data provided by RVshare. This new freedom also helps travelers of all ages maintain a healthier work-life balance. More than half of campers report that they take at least 4-6 camping trips per year, and 19% report that they take up to 7-10 trips per year. Those averages will only increase, with the second most popular goal in 2023 being “to go camping more often” (53%).

National parks are still in fashion

What’s old is new again, as 79% of Campspot campers plan to visit a national or state park in the next year. A hallmark of American tourism, 1 in 5 campers visited a national park for the first time in the past year alone. Despite recent major flooding in the area, campers are more than excited to visit Yellowstone National Park, which is poised for a further resurgence in demand. The southeast and the west are the most popular regions, with Colorado, montana, Tennessee, Floridae North Carolina ranking as the top five states campers want to visit in 2023.

The Campspot Outdoor Almanac is a free biannual digital and print publication. Outdoor enthusiasts can download the full report or sign up to receive the next print issue by visiting: Media resources can be found here.

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