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It’s amazing where new information comes from.

All of us who watched this last night were appalled at the camera angle that was released to justify the slashing of Jota’s goal. We all thought that this couldn’t possibly be the best angle to show the event.

Surprisingly, when Motherwell’s goal was scrutinized later, the picture released was clearer and showed the ubiquitous offside lines. So why, we wondered, didn’t we have a camera angle like this on the other side of the field?

Was the technology really that bad? Was there really none available?

According to the Motherwell chairman, who spoke about it tonight, we could be shown several other angles. Why weren’t we? Did the referee get a better angle? Will a better viewpoint ever be made publicly available to get a clear answer once and for all? Will the SFA approve a request along these lines?

“We are helping the Scottish Football Association to put them where they see fit,” Burrows said. “There were a couple of visits from SFA and the Hawkeye and 18-yard positions were selected in both halves. We even upgraded one. Both were in operation last night.”

An important fact is now known; the snapshot must exist.

It had to be viewed by SFA officials who were on duty.

Is there a good reason why this was not published in the press at the time? We’re speculating, of course…but does this footage show it’s a goal? We are fully justified in asking this question.

What’s going on here?

Celtic asked that very question tonight.

We know that the biggest problem here is not the technology, but those in charge of managing it. This has always been our concern, and from everything we’ve seen so far, that concern is more than justified.

The Motherwell chairman really put the cat among the pigeons tonight and helped us clarify what we all suspected; we could have gotten a clearer picture of that incident last night than we were given and the question we are all asking ourselves – fans, Celtic social media sites and now, finally, the club itself – is why didn’t we?

If it turns out that the player was offside, then, as the manager says, so be it and that’s what the technology is used for.

If it was used as a fig leaf for – or worse, as justification – for a bad decision, then we have every right to be very angry indeed and to demand that heads roll over it.

Tonight, Celtic asked for answers to some of the questions we asked in this piece.

The SFA is finally under real pressure… and that’s why so many of us wanted this technology in the first place, and why we believe it will ultimately lead to more fairness in the game.


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