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The Chandulal Chandrakar Memorial Government Medical College has reported zero admissions for the past four years, BJP spokesperson Devlal Thakur said on Saturday.

He alleged that the Congress government bought the college for Rs 278 crores instead of paying Rs 139 crores. The assembly received incorrect information about the state of operation.

There was no admission since 2017 because there was no counseling for admission, he added.

He emphasized that even in the current academic year (2022-23) the inspection control was not carried out on time, as a result of which the faculty refused recognition for the implementation of the courses.

He pointed out that before the acquisition, the private operators of the college had taken a loan of more than 150 crore rupees by mortgaging the government land in violation of the rules. Nevertheless, the faculty was acquired without paying a bank loan.

Thakur said the appraisers mentioned that it was a personal loan and the management’s liabilities were Rs 245 crore. Acquisition means corruption, he added.


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