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CLEVELAND: Renewing your passport, booking a flight and finding the best deal on a hotel are just some of the items to
check your list before traveling abroad.

However, one task that can be overlooked is checking vaccination recommendations.

“I always tell my patients that if you are about to travel somewhere, make sure you know what is required and recommended of you,” explained Kruti Yagnik, DO, an infectious disease specialist at Cleveland Clinic Florida.

Recommended vaccinations to get before traveling abroad may depend on your age, general health and vaccination history.

Some routine vaccines to consider include COVID-19, influenza, zoster, polio, and measles.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) notes that popular travel destinations like Europe still have outbreaks of measles and other diseases that vaccines can prevent.

Dr. Yagnik said to plan vaccinations before the trip by visiting your doctor or using a travel health specialist.

“I would definitely plan ahead. I would start researching this at least four to six months in advance because some vaccines may require more than one dose. So just because you get vaccinated today doesn’t mean you’re protected tomorrow. It takes your body some time to build up that immunity.” , said Dr. Yagnik.

Travelers should note that it takes about two weeks after receiving a vaccine to build immunity.

On the CDC website, there is a traveler’s health section where people can find which vaccines are recommended by destination.


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