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Valparaiso University President José D. Padilla, JD recently announced that a select group of Ivy Tech Community College Scholars who will graduate with associate degrees from Ivy Tech’s Lake County and Valparaiso campuses will be guaranteed admission to Valparaiso University and their tuition and fees will be paid when they complete their degree. Padilla made the announcement at Ivy Tech Community College’s annual Chancellor’s Scholarship event on Oct. 6, when he informed 20 Northwest Indiana Chancellor’s Scholarship recipients that they will be guaranteed admission and receive significant financial support to attend Valpo once they complete their associate degree at Ivy. Tech. After graduating with an associate degree from the Ivy Tech Community College of Lake County or Valparaiso campuses, 20 2022 Chancellor’s Scholarship recipients will be guaranteed admission to Valparaiso University within two years of graduation. These students will also receive a new Ivy Beacon Scholarship that, combined with merit scholarships and gift aid through the FAFSA, will cover their tuition and fees. Valparaiso University and Ivy Tech Community College of Valparaiso and Lake County are currently working to formalize this agreement for future scholarship recipients.


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