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The Children’s Hospital of Winnipeg is once again accepting children from Nunavut and Northwestern Ontario in need of urgent care.

On Tuesday, the hospital began admitting those patients likely to need a bed in the intensive care unit.

In August, the hospital suspended out-of-province intensive care patients when its intensive care unit was overwhelmed.


HSC Children’s Hospital has resumed admitting children from Nunavut and northwestern Ontario who need critical care after it stopped accepting out-of-province intensive care patients in August when the intensive care unit was overwhelmed.

The policy did not affect children who came to Manitoba for services or care who were unlikely to be admitted to pediatric intensive care; referrals or transfers to neonatal intensive care; and children facing imminent danger to life and limb, a Shared Health spokesperson said.

“This re-introduction of services, which went into effect today after weeks of discussion among clinical leaders, comes as pediatric hospitals across the country are dealing with a wave of respiratory viral illnesses that have resulted in an unprecedented number of patients and hospital admissions,” he said. said a spokesman in a statement.

Shared Health said the pediatric intensive care unit had a disproportionate number of out-of-state patients in August.

“At that time, the decision to limit access to the pediatric intensive care unit in Manitoba was made in order to maintain capacity for patients in Manitoba,” the spokesperson said.

“There was discussion with other jurisdictions that had the capacity at the time to accept patients from Nunavut who would otherwise have come to Manitoba.”

In a memorandum to health management, Manitoba Deputy Health Minister Barb Wasilewski said the children’s hospital will resume accepting medical and surgical transfers from Nunavut and northwestern Ontario and continue with new consultations and follow-ups.

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Danielle Da Silva


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