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Christian Eriksen spoke about the World Cup and the problems associated with Qatar hosting the event.

Former Tottenham midfielder and now Manchester United star Christian Eriksen says he is not happy with everything being said and written about the World Cup in Qatar, but just wanted to focus on being a footballer.

With just six days until the start of the World Cup, FIFA has told nations to “focus on football”. Qatar has come under media scrutiny for its stances on same-sex marriage, human rights and its treatment of migrant workers, with the Guardian reporting that 6,500 migrant workers have died while working on construction sites.

Qatar denied the figures, saying most people would have lived and worked in the country legally and would have died of old age or natural causes. But Eriksen, who will play at the World Cup with Denmark, says the change the world is looking for must come from somewhere else, rather than focusing on footballers.

He said to Nebu, “Change has to come from somewhere else. A lot has been written, there is a lot of focus on how it happened and why it is in Qatar. I don’t agree with how it happened, but we are footballers and we play football.”

Denmark will wear all-black kit at some point during the FIFA World Cup in protest against Qatar, which is hosting the tournament. England captain Harry Kane will also wear a rainbow armband to send a clear message of inclusion.

There have been calls for some countries to boycott the tournament due to human rights issues and ongoing reports of so much bribery and corruption that Qatar won the right to host the tournament.


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