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Christian Horner has revealed that Red Bull have spoken to Lando Norris “a few times”. But the Red Bull team boss joked that every time they spoke, Norris signed a contract extension with McLaren “the next day”.

Horner admitted as much after Norris revealed there had been talks with the reigning champions in the past. Comments suggest they spoke ahead of the new season when Norris signed a four-year deal with McLaren.

Sergio Perez signed his contract extension to 2023 just before the Monaco Grand Prix and hinted that the Mexican could be replaced if talks went differently. According to GPFans, Horner said, “Land and I have spoken a few times over the years.

“But every time we spoke, he signed with McLaren the next day. He has signed a long-term contract with McLaren and it looks like he will stay there for a few more years.”

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Speaking to Sky Sports F1, Norris explained: “It’s more that I was coming to the end of my contract and it wasn’t like we talked a lot. I literally said, it was just that everyone always tries to talk to all the teams at some point, so I talked to them, I talked to a few other people.

“A chat is a chat, not like ‘what can we do right now?’ Just keeping in touch, things like that, sometimes it’s that simple. It was just coming to the end of the contract, you see what options are available, you kind of find out what is possible, what could be possible in the next few years.

“It wasn’t just Red Bull. Every driver has chats with lots of different teams about what could happen and it’s basically that simple.”


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