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Last week came at a time for Clemson football. Or maybe it came at the right time NO Clemson Tiger fan. 8 straight weeks of games, and story for most of them. There are some really good and some really bad when it comes to acting.

KJ Henry said on Twitter that he was going to sleep a lot last week. And I believe it speaks to us a lot. Last week was a mixed bag in the ACC, however Clemson was still able to sneak into the Top 4 in the first CFP Playoff Poll. That and five bucks will get you a burger at Mcdonald’s.

There is nothing that means less than the first election. Win and advance for the Tigers. Enter the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. An enigma of a football team. They played well in the field and had some exciting victories, all while losing their heads.

Here is your preview of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, from South Bend, Indiana


Clemson Tiger


Notre Dame Fighting Irish


Saturday, November 5

7:30 PM EST

Head Coach Marcus Freeman enters his first full season as head coach of the Irish. He is one of the youngest captains in all of college football at age 36. After Brian Kelly left Notre Dame for LSU, Freeman was quickly becoming the head man to the delight of ND fans everywhere. Freeman is well known for his defensive mentality, as he was the defensive coordinator at Notre Dame, Cincinnati, Purdue, Kent State and Ohio State, his hometown. Currently sits at 5-4 as the head coach for the Irish.

Notre Dame now sits at 5-3 on the season with wins against: Cal (24-17); North Carolina (45-32); IB (28-20); UNLV (44-21) and Syracuse (41-24). Their three losses came from: Ohio State (21-10); Marshall (26-21) and Stanford (16-14).

To be guilty

Offensive Coordinator Tommy Rees It is a gift from Notre Dame. After his playing career, he began his teaching career as a Grad Assistant at Northwestern before dabbling in the NFL as an analyst for the San Diego Chargers. He returned to his hometown in 2017 to coach the quarterbacks before passing the offensive-calling in 2020.

Here’s a look at the initial plans of the Offense plus a few backups to know:

QB: Drew Pyne – That’s why. – 102-165-1193 yards; 13 TSI; 4 TSI; 107 rushing yards

RB: Audric Esteem – That’s why. – 99 a. 5 58.8 m. 8 TSI; 5 rec. 66 yards

RB; Logan Diggs – That’s why. – 95 one. 431 and 4, 5 pages. 1 TD; 4 rec. 70 yds, 1 ttk

RB: Chris Tyree – Sr. – 78 dr. 322 years, 4.1 months. 2 TD; 15 ulcers. 96 yds, 1 td

TE: Michael Mayer – Jr. – 47 Nov. 580 yd, 6 a

WR: Lorenzo Styles – That’s why. – 24 episodes. 292 yds, 1 ttk

WR: Jayden Thomas – Fr. – 10 episodes. 157 yards, 2 touchdowns

WR: Braden Lenzy – Sr. – 14 rec. 128 yds, one

LT: Joe Alt – That’s why.

LG: Jarrett Patterson – Sr.

Center: Zeke Correll -Jr.

RG: Josh Lus – Gr.

RT: Blake Fisher – Fr.

Quarterback Drew Pyne start the season as a backup for Tyler Buchner, but an injury to the former pushed Pyne into a starting role. His statistics were not eye-catching, but as the game progressed, Pyne was comfortable with the role of game manager. He likes to close in on TE Michael Mayer a lot but also has the ability to move the pocket and gain some ground space. He has a penchant for catching passes at the line of scrimmage, and Clemson has the power to pass. Something to look forward to on a Saturday night.

We mentioned Syracuse’s Sean Tucker as arguably the best running back Clemson will face, but upon further analysis, the stable of backs for Notre Dame may be the best team Clemson will face. I don’t think there’s much of an argument really. Audric Esteem is a horse (albeit with some fumbling issues), and he is a big, strong back. Low-speed Dalvin Cook. His legs are big and strong and Clemson needs to finish tackles at the big RB. Logan Diggs and Chris Tyree will get snaps too and are good ones back. They all bring something a little different, with most of Tyree’s damage in the passing game.

The WR class has some names and some stars behind the names, but the statistics and my eye test are not all that pleasing to the group. The talent is there, and I believe it’s a lot of the QB not finding his receivers or maybe play-calling, however Lorenzo Styles is a very talented person, as well as a Freshman Jayden Thomas and Braden Lenzy. Also, remember the names Tobias Merriweather and Matt Salerno. Merriweather is just a freshman, and Salerno got a lot of good looks in the last matchup with the Tigers.

And then we go to the tight end. It seems like the main point that Clemson teams have faced this season has a pass-catcher whose target is farther than any other receiver. In this case, it is Michael Mayer. Students sure make the Irish in every category accepted. The guy is always open. It helps that outside of the Georgia trio of TEs, Mayer is the next best. It is loaded.

The offensive line is always strong at the Fighting Irish and this year is no different. Taken from LG Jarrett Patterson and LT Joe Alt, this group will be a real test for Clemson’s defensive front. Center Zeke Correll and RG Josh Lus has played a lot of football for the Irish, while Freshman RT Blake Fisher began to praise his work in South Bend.

The offense scored 227 points over 8 games for an average of 28.4 points per game. Notre Dame racked up 3,064 total attacks on the season with 1,493 coming on the ground and 1,571 through the air; for an average of 186.6 rushing and 196.4 passing for a total of 383 yards of total offense


Go to the defensive side of the ball: Defensive Defender Al Golden is a familiar name to Clemson fans. His career spanned nearly 30 years and featured schools and professors such as: Virginia, Boston College, and Penn State. Was the defensive coordinator of Virginia, and the manager of Temple and Miami with stops in the NFL with the Detroit Lions and Cincinnati Bengals.

Clemson fans will remember his last game as Miami’s head coach, a 58-0 loss to Golden.

Here’s a look at the initial plans for protection:

Viper: Isaiah Foskey – Jr. – 31 tackles, 7 sacks

DT: Jayson Ademilola – Gr. – 28 tackles, 2 sacks

DT: Howard Cross III – Jr. – 27 tackles, 1.5 sacks

DE: Rylie Mills – Jr. – 15 tackles, 2.5 sacks

Will: Marist Liufau – Jr. – 32 tackles, 0.5 sacks, 1 INT

Mike: JD Bertrand – Jr. – 48 tackles, 1 sack

Rover: Jack Kiser – Jr. – 36 tackles, 2 sacks, 1 FF

CB: Cam Hart – Jr. – 20 tackles

CB: Benjamin Morrison – Fr. – 16 tackles

S: Brandon Joseph – Jr. – 27 tackles, 1 INT, 1 FF

S: DJ Brown – Sr. – 33 tackles,

Between having a really high defense in Al Golden and Head Coach Marcus Freeman take this protection, it is a very good unit. They have 24 sacks on the season for an average of 3 per game.

The defensive line has players all over the front. Take from Isaiah Foskey who leads the team with 7 sacks on the season. This unit is the best front four that Clemson will face. The Irish got production from all four of the starters and all played a lot of football at the college level. Howard Cross III, Jayson Ademilola and Rylie Mills round the starting group and everyone can play on Sunday.

JD Bertrand is arguably the best player on defense for ND, as he leads the team in tackles with 48. Marist Liufau and Jack Kiser are very athletic and fast and like to be around the ball a lot.

In fact, senior DJ Brown has the skills to always be around the ball and make big plays for the Irish defence. 33 tackles from the safety position. Cam Hart and Taub Bracy will see the time between the border corner and Freshman Benjamin Morrison made his mark early in his career on the outside. Brandon Joseph and Ramon Henderson will give another chance to safety. It’s a very athletic team with big bodies that aren’t afraid to throw their hat in. .

Notre Dame has 6 sacks on the season with 3 interceptions and 3 fumble recoveries. Candidates had 6 interceptions and 5 fumble recoveries against the Fighting Irish. Notre Dame is -5 in turnover margin on the season.

Notre Dame, defensively, has given up 177 points this season for an average of 22.1 points per game. They have allowed 1,037 yards on the ground for an average of 129.6 yards per game and 1,639 yards through the air for an average of 204.9. The total defensive average yards given up is 334.5.

STATE HERE: Notre Dame is tied for 130th in the nation in Red Zone Defense. Offensive linemen entered the red zone 20 times and scored 20 times with 17 touchdowns and 3 field goals.

Special Team:

Here are the initial plans of the Special Teams:

Punter: Jon Sot – Gr. – 44.5 yards avg.

Site Kicker: Blake Grupe: do you want more followers? – Gr. — 10-13; size 47

Punt Returner: Brandon Joseph – Jr. – 9.9-yard avg.

Kick Returner: Chris Tyree – Sr. – 16.6-yard avg.

Notre Dame has enough talent to beat Clemson football, but the Tigers will survive the upset

Just like every year, there are many hopes and expectations from the Notre Dame fan base. The hiring of Marcus Freeman rejuvenated the fan base. It didn’t get off to a good start for the young captain after losing the bowl game a season ago, he started his 2022 season with two losses including a shocking loss to Marshall. Surprise wins against North Carolina and Syracuse brought life back to the pride.

I think this Notre Dame team has enough talent to pull off the upset of the Tigers at home. The weather looks breezy and possibly rainy, which means more ground and pound for both teams. I believe he will do that, but the current situation will make that happen. I like Estime and Diggs for Notre Dame. They are back. I happen to like Shipley, Mafah and Pace (he was announced to be back this week) better.


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Notre Dame Fighting Irish



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