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Department wise notification 120 subsection 2 par 4 of the Austrian Stock Exchange Act

ISIN: AT0000831706

Vienna, 18 November 2022

Pursuant to Section 120 Subsection 4, Subsection 2 of the Austrian Stock Exchange Act, Wienerberger AG announces that, pursuant to the authorization granted by the 153rd Annual General Meeting of the Company held on May 3, 2022, the Board of Directors of Wienerberger AG . decided to cancel the 3,455,639 shares bought back by Wienerberger AG, subject to the approval of the supervisory board. Following the approval of the supervisory board, a total of 3,455,639 own shares were technically deleted, effective from November 7, 2022. Also, on November 9, the inclusion of canceled shares in official trading on the Vienna Stock Exchange was terminated. 2022 (at the start of trading on the Vienna Stock Exchange). The deletion came into effect upon entry into the court register on 11/18/2022.

Currently, Wienerberger AG still holds 5,756,271 treasury shares after the cancellation of a total of 3,455,639 treasury shares.

With the cancellation of 3,455,639 own shares, the share capital of Wienerberger AG decreased by a total of EUR 3,455,639.00 on 18/11/2022 and now amounts to EUR 111,732,343.00, divided into 111,732,343 no-par value shares.

For further information please contact:
Claudia Hajdinyak, Head of Corporate Communications Wienerberger AG
+43 664 828 31 83 | [email protected]

Daniel Merl, Head of Investor Relations Wienerberger AG
t +43 1 601 92 – 10221 | [email protected]


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