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Whenever I go on a trip, I insist on doing and seeing absolutely everything I can fit in. Of course, this makes my partner wonder if we’re really on vacation. This might not be the best mindset for traveling to, say, Barbados, but it certainly fits the bill for Lisbon or Paris, and I’d much rather have an adventure than a relaxing day on the beach.

But all my trips have been affected by the same problem. For years I’ve struggled to find shoes that won’t cut through me as I walk through cities, parading from coffee shops, boutiques and parks to museums and restaurants. So, I came across this pair.

The first thing I noticed about Columbia’s Tamiami PFG Men’s Boat Shoes is how stylish they are. While they’re technically boat shoes, which might make you think of Sperry’s topsiders, their radar-free technology and versatile silhouettes make them the perfect travel shoe. In fact, I’d describe them as a cross between an everyday walking sneaker and a hiking shoe, that are capable of being worn to a restaurant and out on the trail.


To buy:, from $60 (originally $75)

Because these shoes are designed for fishing, which I admittedly have never worn (I get dizzy easily), they are packed with a unique set of features. For example, I have not found a walking shoe that is supportive, water resistant, e stain proof – these are. They don’t believe it at first, but after walking 5 miles on a dirt road, I was shocked that they could still be taken in a museum later that day.

They don’t require any break-in period, so if you’re going on a trip and need a pair of shoes urgently, these are a good bet. The midsoles offer plenty of cushioning and support, and because they’re designed with a mesh-like fabric on the outside that hugs my foot like a sock, they respond to my every move. The mesh is really a great addition because it makes these shoes breathable. This means sweaty, smelly feet are taken out of the equation. Plus, they feature faux leather details that elevate them enough to wear to dinner at the end of a long day of travel.

According to the brand, the upper is made to resist water and moisture, which means that if you get caught in a light rain or walk through wet city streets, you’ll be dry and comfortable. However, they can even go underwater. It’s true, as one buyer who bought them for fishing pointed out: “I also used them to float the river with my family and to go out. They drain water well. The sand doesn’t come out of the small holes very easily, but the water comes out quickly. While I haven’t tested them completely underwater, I did wear them while stuck in a downpour in Puerto Escondido, and I can confirm that they dry better and faster than any other shoe I’ve tried.

Also, they have a very nice grip, allowing me to climb rocky hills as well as prevent me from slipping in a damp subway station. There’s no surface I couldn’t use these shoes on, which is, after all, the point of travel shoes.

Travel + Leisure / Daniel Modlin

But what makes these Columbia men’s shoes really stand out from the pack is how packable they are. Because they’re made from a lightweight mesh fabric, they compress almost completely flat in my suitcase, giving me more room for clothes and other travel essentials. And thanks to their versatility, they pair well with jeans, shorts, and even chinos, making packing for trips that much easier.

I never thought I would find a shoe that has it all, and I never expected that shoe to be designed for sailing. But these Columbia travel sneakers have completely changed my travel experience for the better. I no longer worry about what shoes I bring on vacation; instead, I’m focused on the next big challenge: getting dinner reservations.

To buy:, from $60 (originally $75)

At the time of publication, the price was $60.

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