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In addition to the devastating health toll, COVID-19 can also impose significant financial costs on people who need treatment and on public and private payers. This analysis examines the cost of inpatient treatment for COVID-19 among people with health insurance from large employers.

It finds that hospitalizations for covid-19 cost an average of $41,611 in 2020, including an average out-of-pocket payment of $1,280 for people with large employer coverage. In 2020, many private insurers and employers temporarily waived out-of-pocket costs for treatment of COVID-19 (this generally no longer applies). For cost-sharing COVID-19 hospitalizations, individuals with high employer coverage spent an average of $1,880 out-of-pocket, although the cost of a COVID-19 hospitalization varies widely among patients with private insurance.

This analysis focuses on people with substantial employer coverage and does not reflect costs for Medicaid or Medicare patients. At this time, 2020 is the last year for which data is available, and the costs of hospitalization and other treatments may have changed with the introduction of newer treatments.

The analysis is available through the KFF-Peterson Health System Tracker, an online information center that monitors and evaluates the performance of the US health system.


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