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Travel, whether home for vacation or abroad for culture and inspiration, comes in many shapes and sizes. It’s about experiencing new things and being around people and places that aren’t normally associated with your day-to-day life. With that, we wanted to find out what inspires our team to travel outside of their norm and the essentials they rely on time and time again to ease the strain of flights, long days at an airport, or simple two-hour road trips north of the state Below, their top picks.

“For me, travel is about opening up a world of opportunities and understanding how other people live around the world. Yes, it’s about seeing new places but also experiencing the culture; the style, the food, the architecture, the nuanced details that make up a community. Travel provides inspiration in your day-to-day life; it is necessary for expansion and compassion. Our world is not a single entity and the diversity of people and areas of our world is what allows us to grow and evolve as human beings.”

“Travel always gives me a chance to take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. When we travel, we use our phones or cameras to capture memories, not to multitask. I like that truth because I really enjoy the view, breathe and I return to myself in new or inspiring settings. So the images always bring me back and remind me to hit pause again when life inadvertently starts moving forward again weeks later.

“My travel goal is always to go as far off the beaten track as I can, with hole-in-the-wall local experiences trumping the most popular tourist spots on my itinerary. My favorite travel moments are those that aren’t completely planned, with spontaneity and saying “yes” lead to some of the best times and the most amazing food. I’d much rather walk for miles and explore my destination to find out what the locals go to than scan Yelp, so a look is essential comfortable and stylish combined with a good night’s sleep.”


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