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The timing of the program’s launch comes after a busy two years for the DEI team at BA. “Now that we’ve been able to establish BA’s internal DEI infrastructure, build and hire the The four subcommittees of the DEI Committeethrow the Tutoring programand develop the THRIVE educational track and pre-conference workshop at CBC, we can focus our attention on some items on our bucket list,” said Dr J Jackson-Beckham, Partner at BA Equity & Inclusion. “CBC is such an impactful event and we’re excited to pursue some of the opportunities it presents” .

Eligibility for CBC travel grants

The CBC Travel Grants program will support the goals of bringing new voices to the conference’s speaker lineup and enabling more people who are not brewery owners or leaders in production roles to attend the CBC.

To be eligible to apply for a CBC travel grant, applicants must be employed by a planning brewery or Brewers Association member brewery producing less than 15,000 bbls. Examples of eligible beer types are:

“Many people employed by breweries who are members of the Brewers’ Association don’t realize that as employees they are part of that association and can directly access BA resources. They simply need to be added to their brewery’s list,” says Sarah Billiu , director of partners at BA. “Those who are interested should contact their brewery’s partner administrator to be added or they can simply please contact the BA Membership Department. We’re here to help.”

Due to limited grant availability, preference will be given to eligible applicants who have had a seminar proposal accepted for the Craft Brewers Conference, first-time attendees, and those who have experienced cultural or situational barriers to attending the conference.

Members of Philanthropy and Outreach Subcommittee e DEI Education Subcommittee will begin reviewing grant applications in November. Jennie Olson, Chair of the Philanthropy and Outreach Subcommittee and Senior Accountant at Arryved, is excited to expand the professional opportunities CBC offers to industry members who may not normally have the opportunity to attend the conference. She offers, “Regardless of your affiliation with the brewing industry, attending CBC accelerates career growth. The seminars and trade shows offer endless opportunities for education, and the networking you’ll do at CBC will be invaluable for years to come. It really is the event not to be missed for those just starting out or seasoned pros. I work for a brewery technology company and every year I walk away with tools to better myself and in turn my company.”

pay it forward

The Brewers Association’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Committee invites all members of the craft brewing community to contribute to the CBC Travel Grant fund to support the health and vitality of craft brewing as a whole. “A more engaged, educated and vibrant community benefits us all,” says Jackson-Beckham, “Community investments in the future of the industry are key to making a lasting positive impact. Look out for a ‘Pay It Forward’ option” while shopping for the CBC record. A small contribution could have a big impact on someone else’s career.”

How to apply

For more information on how to apply for a CBC travel grant, visit the website Brewers Association website. For more information on the 2023 Craft Brewers Conference in Nashville, Tennessee, visit Conference of Craft Brewers web site


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